School of Energy Awareness


“Live the truth of who you are,

bring a new world into existence.”


Syntara System is a deeply integrative, evolutionary energy healing modality that allows you to come into direct, co-creative relationship with the unseen forces that shape our world, Awakening you to an embodiment of the full potency of your being, Bringing clarity, connection, unshakeable stability and Joy.



A Two year professional training for Modern Mystics, Wisdom Keepers, Change Makers & Visionary Leaders


You, who have been called to take part in the great turning of these times. You, who have already dedicated yourself to your passions and creativity, in service to the whole.

This modality was created for you. To support you, inspire you, awaken and enrich you. And to help us all bring forth the world we know is possible.

It’s not easy living in evolutionary times. It isn’t easy being on the emergent edge, called to innovate new ways forward. And yet here you are… showing up, willing, excited and ready.

This vast body of work is a study in consciousness and embodiment, it facilitates stability through your personal evolution and grants pathways towards professional innovation, enrichment and empowerment for people in a variety of fields not limited to the healing arts. 


Online Monthly Full Moon Transmission Teachings

The world is calling, the time has come, for each one of us to show up in the fullness of who we are. Meeting our lives in new and inspired ways, offering our selves, and contributing our unique gifts in service to the whole. The transmissions in the membership will support you in this.

This offer is born out of years of requests from students and clients looking for a way to stay consistently engaged with the inspiring, stabilizing, empowering forces that Syntara System grants direct access to. It is born out of years of wanting to share the powerful teachings and transmissions of this work with many, many more people in an affordable and accessible way.


With the Online Membership you will receive:


A Monthly Energy Forecast

A video talk with Gitanjali on the current trends happening in the greater collective energy currents of creation. This will give you context and perspective and help you navigate with awareness, how to best meet and work with what is arising currently in your life and in our world.


Meditation & Transmission Teachings

This monthly audio will help you to directly experience and integrate the present evolutionary energies and currents into your body, spirit, mind, relationships and life. These recording aren’t as specific as one on one session work, however the depth, impact, and healing potentials are similar.


Practices for Integration & Embodiment

Suggested practices to help you deepen your embodied experience of the content and the moment. These practices will increase the integration and beneficial impact of the transmissions and new awarenesses into the more every day aspects of your life and world.


Access to the Current Content Hub

We are all busy and inundated by information all the time. This allows for one centralized location to see any new podcasts, videos, interviews, meditations and articles that have been published by Gitanjali and other Syntara System Collaborators during the month.




Awaken ✧ Integrate ✧ Embody ✧ Express


Gitanjali Hemp

Creator & Founder of Syntara System


At nineteen, a revered spiritual master told me that I would bring a new spiritually based healing modality to the world, and that it would be a medicine for the coming times.

I was told that it would be a healing modality in consciousness and embodiment. And that it would be for the people, for the planet and the interconnectedness of all of life.

This master would not be the only one to tell me this. This message would be reiterated in various ways by every master level teacher or healer that I would ever meet.

At the time, this was a terrifying prospect. Over the years I've kept this information close… until now.

The entire Universe is whispering to us.
Galaxies of time and space,
infinite fields of glittering stars,
and all of creation,
lovingly calling us...
nourishing us...
— Gitanjali Hemp