About Gitanjali Hemp

Founder of Syntara System


At nineteen, a revered spiritual master told me that I would bring a new spiritually based healing modality to the world, and that it would be a medicine for the coming times.

I was told that it would be a healing modality in consciousness and embodiment. And that it would be for the people, for the planet and the interconnectedness of all of life.

This master would not be the only one to tell me this. This message would be reiterated in various ways by every master level teacher or healer that I would ever meet.

At the time, this was a terrifying prospect. Over the years I've kept this information close.

I had always been a mystical child. When I was a little girl I was full of awe for the natural world. I saw magic in the glimmer of light on water and in the dancing of leaves in the breeze. Everywhere I looked I saw patterns… in sounds, in color, in light and in language. Everything spoke to me.

I asked difficult questions and longed to understand things that were hidden and unspoken. I wanted to know about death and life and what exists in between. I felt things that others were feeling, knowing what they were experiencing without being told. I longed to share and talk and be taught more about these things.

I also had my share of suffering. Abandonment, loss, and sexual abuse colored my childhood. All of this would become fuel and context for the energetic awarenesses that I would one day receive.

The truth is, I have always been who I am becoming. Continuously being led, prepared, trained, and initiated.

But upon hearing those prophetic words on that day long ago, about what I was to bring forth, I was filled with doubt and confusion about the steps along my path.

What was I to study? And with whom? Was I capable? Was I enough? How would I know what to do? I was painfully shy and introverted. Even if I brought this thing into being how would I ever share it? Would anyone even listen to me? What right did I have to claim any kind of wisdom?

The doubt, fear, and resistance I felt in that moment were nearly paralyzing.

Time and time again, throughout the years, in a multitude of voices, I would be told that the path was pre-destined. How much I enjoyed it was up to me…

And so by the time I was twenty one I had surrendered. Though doubt and resistance would rear up again, at each turning of the spiral, I learned how to meet them and surrender once more.

I offered my life in devotional service to the whole. Through intention, through prayer, through action, every choice I turned over to a greater intelligence. I traveled the world, literally allowing Spirit to guide every single step of the journey.

I was guided to study with masters and teachers from some of the world’s richest spiritual traditions and most cutting edge healing modalities. I spent years studying philosophy, psychology, biology, environmental sciences, history, and getting certified in over a dozen different healing modalities. I became a teacher and taught young children and I taught most of the healing modalities that I’d learned. I learned how people learn and how to develop curriculums. I volunteered in high trauma situations and in marginalized communities, deepening my understanding of the most difficult aspects of the human condition. All the while growing in compassion, understanding and humility.

I spent weeks on silent retreats, in ashrams, and on vision quests, learning from the land and from my inner worlds, and through visions and dreams.

The path of a wandering healer was inspiring and comforting to me, the simplicity of ashram and indigenous life was easy on my system, and the unseen realms always felt like home. But that would not be my path moving forward. Again and again, teacher after teacher would tell me that my journey this time was to be my own and that my path was to be lived out in the world, not held safely away from it.

And so what service and devotion meant transformed over time as I surrendered to living a worldly life with the greater awareness intact. My understanding of just about everything would change as, like a moth in the cocoon, my being became transformed and reorganized from the inside out.

Children, marriage, business, home… this would be the crucible that Syntara would form through and right in the heart of the modern world, with my western mind in tow. The masters path, to integrate the great teachings, innovating new ways of being, as a mother of two wild and powerful boys, as a wife, a householder and an entrepreneur. Weaving the spiritual and the mundane. Transforming the fabric of the cultures of which I am a part. And experiencing a mind blowing level of Love and connection in the process. (And this unfolding, learning and integration continues as my children become teenagers, as my business, the economy and the environment change shape, as my relationship with my husband transforms…. there is no end.)

Through all of this, Syntara would become a spiritual model to reconnect others with the unseen realms, providing direct experience of embodied awakening, allowing for a safe transmission of some of the most sacred ancient truths contextualized for our current world view and lived experience.

The practices, principles and maps of Syntara came through as direct transmissions through my own spiritual and movement practice, through dreams and initiations, supported every step of the way by source aligned energies and beings from multiple dimensional planes including this one.

I am often told that the practices of Syntara are mirrored in ancient Tantric, Budhist, Quigong, Daoist, and Indigenous land based traditions. That they mirror teachings saved for initiates. When I break down the context and the way in which we teach, the intelligence of the system becomes evident in how these profound transmissions and practices can be shared in such a safe and accessible way. And how it provides freedom to students to create their own meaning and context without an overlay of someone else’s culture or religion.

It makes sense now why I was never allowed to stay under the wings of a particular lineage, but was always pushed back out into the world and into my own direct experience and embodied practice. To help others do the same.

The curriculum has been honed through over twenty years of private practice witnessing and holding space for people in the depths of their healing process and as many years leading groups and retreats in things such as sacred ceremony, intuitive development, subtle body energetics, transformational breath and movement work, healing with the land…

As human consciousness evolves, so too does the work, and through it all my task has been, and continues to be, in a deep listening, allowing myself to be led to what's next.

Through this process, again and again I have been challenged to do things that I thought that I never could. Dying to who I thought I was, each time being reborn anew, more coherent, alive, and embodied than I was before.

This has not been an easy path, it has been a deeply joyous and fulfilling one. And…. it continues.

Syntara is a multidimensional living transmission that I have the great privilege of birthing into form. And that I have the great honor of sharing with you.

I will not die an un-lived life, I will not live in fear of falling or catching fire. I choose to inhabit my days, to allow my living to open me, to make me less afraid, more accessible, to loosen my heart until it becomes a wing, a torch, a promise. I choose to risk my significance; to live so that which came to me as seed goes to the next as a blossom, and that which came to me as a blossom, goes on as fruit.
— Dawna Markova