Gitanjali Hemp 

Master energy healer, visionary mystic and the founder of Syntara System. She brings over 23 years of study and training with healers and masters from some of the world’s richest traditions and most cutting edge healing models. She has spent 21 years in active practice, both as a practitioner and teacher: leading retreats, workshops, professional training’s, virtual courses and facilitating ceremonies and women’s groups. There is nothing she loves more than helping people awaken to the magic of creation, and fully embody their unique brilliance, in service to the whole. It is her deep honor to bring this inspiring, life and world changing work to you.

She brings her heartfelt devotion to the Syntara System school.


Niralli D'Costa

As a Holistic Psychotherapist, Sacred Embodiment teacher, and Energy Healer, Niralli believes that each of us holds within us the wisdom we need to heal and awaken to our own true nature. She draws upon her long-term study of yoga, meditation, and tantra to support people on their spiritual path and healing journey. As a practitioner, she is passionate about serving people who have traditionally been marginalized as she sees social justice as central to our collective liberation, healing, and evolution. Niralli teaches through many different organizations and institutions including the somatics program at JFK University, and adjunct classes through UC Berkley.

She brings years of Personal Practice and a Depth of Presence, Professionalism and Refinement to the Syntara System School.


Ruthie Yarme

Ruthie is a Syntara System practitioner and teacher who brings a lifetime of experience tending to individuals and families moving through life’s great transitions. Through her personal and professional experience with birth as a doula and mother, she has lovingly held women and their partners as they metaphorically birthed themselves as parents, and as they physically birthed their children. She has had the honor of sitting with people as they have taken their last breath, holding them with reverence and seeing their unique and exquisite beauty. She has worked as an energy practitioner with individuals as they navigate the transitions of life, helping them find their authentic inner voice, their stability and power, their creativity and joy, their heart and compassion, and giving them tools to live their aligned embodied experience. She brings to her work a sense of awe for the different ways that people show up through these experiences; and an unshakeable knowing that each of these ways is necessary to the evolution of our world. Helping others find and know their own path is what sustains and inspires her.

She brings her Loving Heart, Grounded, Motherly Wisdom and Immense Compassion to the Syntara System School.


Leslie Benson

Leslie offers a unique blend of the Syntara System modality with western evolutionary astrology. In her work she supports her clients and students to step more deeply into their own potential and Essence, and helps to illuminate the karmic framework and constitution that each person is working with in this lifetime, fostering deeper presence, awareness, and empowerment in navigating life's circumstances. She brings elements of curiosity, creativity, and playfulness to dance in the depths of human consciousness. Leslie is also an established visual artist working both in graphics and divinely inspired paper sculpture.

She brings her Artistic and Emotional Sensitivity, and her Bright and Discerning Mind to the Syntara System School.