The program has “exceeded”, “far exceeded”, “mind blowingly exceeded”, “life changingly exceeded”, “extraordinarily exceeded” expectations.”
— Mid program feedback responses from our current cohort.
Gitanjali and the Syntara System is truly pioneering in integrating vast knowledge in a deeply embodied and fluid way. I have been in the Syntara Energy Awareness School for a year now, and the way it has woven into my daily work with clients and how I navigate life has been pivotal in revealing my purpose and essence of who I am. I have yet to experience such a magical and intelligently integrating apprenticeship. I am continually blown away of how deeply this work is weaving all the way through in such an easeful and effortless way. Profound, profound profound.
— Dana Schlick, LMFT, Sacred Grief Healing
If the human community is to realize a desirable future, a quantum leap is required in our current systems. Syntara provides the foundational architecture for bridging the gap between what “is” with the latent potential of what is possible at an individual and systemic level simultaneously. Syntara has provided a consistent roadmap to clarity and innovation in the midst of opacity.
— CEO, Global Fintech Company
Wow, there are so many words and thoughts that come up to describe this program. In the forefront is Life Changing. I have always been a very sensitive soul. I feel things deeply and there are so many different aspects of me. Syntara System has helped me gain structure and integration. There is a clarity and understanding that continues to grow and evolve as I integrate this work into my life. Gitanjali Hemp is truly a gifted soul that has come to help humanity. I am so grateful that I have had the opportunity to learn from her in this way. The program was so beautifully orchestrated. Every step of the way I felt that it resonated so deeply. She led with so much grace and didn’t miss a beat. I am honored to call her my teacher. Thank you, your teachings have changed my life!
— – AV Doula, Massage Practitioner, Women's Group Facilitator
Since the Syntara System training my ability to hold the healing container for my clients has grown in very deep and profound ways. Many clients have reflected what they thought would take them years to heal, they have been able to move through and integrate within months. I feel I am a better therapist and practitioner as a result of it.
— Shirani M. Pathak, licensed psychotherapist and founder of the Center for Soulful Relationships
I have taken several trainings in both traditional and alternative therapies over the last 30 years. I have an active practice synthesizing from all that I have learned. What surprised me most about this program was HOW MUCH more there is to grow into. How is it possible that there is this much more to learn?? Intrigued. Excited. Curious. Inspired. In Awe. How can I upgrade my work to look and feel as elegant, graceful, thorough and meaningful as what I am seeing. I absolutely love it!
— A.L. Energy Medicine Practitioner
Know that when I introduce a person it’s on my own initiative. Gitanjali is like no other. She is a Sage who incarnated remembering her wise teachings. She is a modern day Prophet. So close to the Divine she is that you wouldn’t know it because humility is one of her medicines. I truly encourage you to listen and do your deepest work with her. She is for that small margin, those 3% of people that want and can take in the depth of ancient wisdom and apply it to their life.
— Melanie Dewberry Author, Teacher, Coach
Syntara System has permanently changed the way I understand my clients and myself (and humans in general), how I work, and how I AM. I am significantly more aware, calm and able to view things from a broader perspective much of the time. My clients say things like, “That was the most powerful therapy session I have ever had.” Syntara System is a gift to humanity and our world.
— A.H., LMFT