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Syntara is a Living System

In order to keep it alive and relevant to the changing currents of nature and life, we teach principles rather than protocols. We offer access to multiple states of awareness through transmission teachings and maps to help name, navigate and integrate what we explore. The way we teach empowers, rather than obscuring, the unique gifts and ways of knowing of each individual student, initiating them deeper into their own essence expression and mastery in their chosen field(s).

In Syntara, learning happens through direct experience, transmission teachings, practice and reflection. We value integration and embodiment through relationships, career and all areas of grounded human expression. We know that it’s not for everyone to be a ‘healer’ and that some of you will take this work, these practices and awareness to inform and transform diverse sectors and industries of our society.

We strive to build learning environments where the whole is greater than the sum of it’s parts, where each individual’s interests, talents and essence informs the direction of the group and the living teachings that are transmitted. The students pull the teachings from the teachers, in a dynamic, symbiotic relationship of universal growth and evolution.

We trust that as each of us comes into greater coherence with the truth of who we are, our unique contributions will beneficially impact the whole.