Syntara Applications

Planetary Healing is the inspiration that brought Syntara into being. While Syntara has grown and flourished in the world as an individual healing and awareness based model, its ripples, applications and implications go far beyond the individual. We know that it’s time for us to put an emphasis on some of the broader applications of this work, as the world is ripe, ready and in need of it. These themes are woven throughout the two year training and we are currently developing more offerings along these lines. 


Environmental Applications

As a culture we have forgotten that we are inseparable from our environment. That we live in a symbiotic relationship with all of life. That we are earth, made up of the same building blocks as all the rest of creation. That how the planet goes, we go. And that how we go, the planet goes. We are governed by the same laws and principles as the entire natural world. In that way we are in a unique position to both offer and receive healing, blessings and nourishment in relationship to the earth. Syntara offers a path towards direct multi sensory connection with the natural world and the spirits of plant, animal, element, cosmos, and the entirety of the unseen realms. It offers maps and models from the vastest cosmic realms, to the subatomic, including all things in between. As we find our way back into right relationship with the natural world, we find harmony and balance returning to our internal systems and to environmental systems as well.


Social Applications

Humanity is in the middle of an evolutionary leap, we are being pushed and pulled towards our potential. Our institutions and organizations are needing an overhaul. At the foundation of that change are the ways we interact and engage with one another. Power over and power under dynamics have been the norm in human relating for thousands of years. The collective wounds that that has created run deep. Reconciliation and forgiveness are some of the things we need to learn how to do effectively to move forward together. What does that look like? How do we forgive the unforgivable? How do we release ourselves from shame and move forward in a new way together? And not just individual but collectively, healing the pain of our ancestors and creating space for the dreams of our children. Syntara provides tools that offer context and ways to work with all of this and more.


Cultural Applications

Our every creation is an expression of our consciousness state. Be it the written word, visual art, dance, music…. What we beget carries a transmission that impacts the audiences perspective and world view. As our awareness changes, so too does our art. Offering pathways of innovation, vision and inspiration towards what is possible. Adding a 5th reconciliatory act to a story arch in a book or film, adding a heartfelt bridge between disparate parts of a song, weaving in discordant brush stroke into a coherent whole of a painting. Each of these things offers an implicit understanding of integration to the receiver, and offers a world of insight to the artist themselves. It provides a template for what is possible within our psyche, culture and environment. This can happen with all that we create including businesses, family and the entirety of our lives.