Embracing Direct Connection

Reclaiming your unique relationship with all of life.


When we awaken to the truth of who we are, and to the inherent interconnection of all creation, and when we learn how to come back into right relationship with ourselves, each other and the land, magic happens and healing abounds. Synchronicities shimmer and new worlds begin to take form.

We begin to innovate and create rather than just manifest.

Culturally we have been been taught that spirit is separate from matter, that we are separate from the earth and that we do not belong to one another.

These beliefs leave us feeling unfulfilled. When we have no context for our own wholeness we seek to fill the void in any way we can and we find ourselves stuck in patterns of limitation and numbing out.

The world is changing rapidly and it's a lot for our nervous systems to handle. Syntara offers pathways to stability within the context of accelerated change.

It is time for our collective awakening. It is time for humanity’s deep remembrance.

Syntara is here to inspire that and awaken a direct knowing and embodied experience of oneness and belonging in the heart and bones of every human, at the foundation of every aspect of life.

We are here to support you in blossoming into the fullness of who you are…. ever resourceful, ever resilient, ever stable and ever brilliant…. So that you can do the same.

So that you can bring coherence and innovation into your areas of expertise and your zones of genius.

The time is now, the world is calling. Can you hear it?