The Nature of Time and Our Place in The Cosmos (Article)

We are Divine Beings conceived and imagined in the heart of ancient stars.

Our bodies made from star dust.


This Earth we live upon, a living, breathing, giant creature. A celestial sphere of which we are a part. Our bodies built, fed and nourished by her offerings of plant, of air, of water.


We forget the context of our existence.

It’s like when someone close to you passes. Someone you’ve known for a long, long time. And when they die they leave an intricate and gaping hole in a shape you were never aware of before because it had always been filled by their presence.

We live in a context of air & earth & water & trees & sun & moon & stars.

As a culture, we forget the context of our existence.

We forget that theses things shape us and form us and guide us and frame us and are us.

I remember backpacking in Australia in the Daintree Rainforest, and looking up through the canopy at the night sky. It was Brilliant and disorienting. I had no idea how anchored I was by the stars in the northern hemisphere until the Big Dipper was replaced by the Southern Cross.

Our environment shapes us. Even if we live in cities, we are still connected to vaster rhythms and flows.

Indigenous people from all over the world (and we are all indigenous from somewhere, at some point) had deep connection to place as well as to the seasons and to the cycles of the planets and stars.

All of our ancestors were aware of the seasons. All of our ancestors were aware of the cycles of time, of tides, of celestial influence. The timing of their crops, hunting, fishing, travel all depended on them having an intricate relationship to the world around them. They were woven into their environment and their environment was woven into them.


And that context gave them an unshakeable sense of belonging.

As the seasons changed they tracked the arcs and phases of the sun and the moon and the planets and the stars. And they had traditions and rituals that honored the turning points and apex moments of theses cycles of time.

For them the cosmos weren’t something way out there. The cosmos were a vaster extension, the outer edge, of the fabric of which they were an intrinsic part.

In our modern day we have lost this connection. We have lost that sense of belonging.

In our western culture we celebrate holidays on calendar days that don’t follow the rhythm of the natural world. Most of our holidays fall close to ancient known moments of alignment. Halloween falls close to the midpoint between Solstice and Equinox, due to the calendar date, it almost never lands right on the moment of power. Christmas falls close to the first day of growing light after the Solstice, Easter.....close to the Equinox.

There is tremendous power in moments of celestial alignment. Moments when the currents and threads of interconnectivity all line up. Our ancestors new this. Modern science is learning it, as it begins to notice photon and plasma waves from colliding stars light years away, having measurable impact here on earth. We are slowly catching up to ourselves, but we’re still just slightly out of sync.

And that misalignment shows in how we engage and relate to our world and one another. And it shows in how unsure and unloving we can be towards ourselves.


Our modern holidays hold power too.

There are many different types of energy. There is heavenly energy from the cosmos, and earth energy from our planetary source….. and there is human energy. That human energy, the power of our presence and awareness, is an amazing force.

When we focus our intent and celebrate together we generate a field that is powerful and palpable. Most of us in the States know the feeling that blankets the country through houses, cities and towns, on Christmas morning, whether we are celebrating or not. Or the buzz in the air on New Years Eve and Halloween.

But those holidays are born of older traditions. Traditions that aligned with greater cycles of influence. Traditions that honored, cultivated and harnessed specific qualities of energy being offered at auspicious times throughout the year.

If we celebrated on the exact moment and days of alignments the focus of our intent would be multiplied millions of times over, supported by the celestial spheres, reinforcing the potency and the coherence of our intentions.

That is our birthright. That is our inheritance, our potency, our legacy and our opportunity as humans. To come into alignment and take our place as part of an epic and grand unfolding. To know ourselves as a part of something greater, inextricably linked and belonging to all things. To collaborate and co-create with all existence, anchored by these potent moments strewn throughout the year.


Can you imagine what that might feel like?

✧ To live a life of deep interconnectivity.

✧ To live with an unshakable sense of stability and belonging.

✧ To feel the measure of your inherent worth.

✧ To know the importance and purpose of your unique existence.


Ceremonial Practices

Ceremonial practices, connected to the cycles and rhythms of nature can offer us that experience and knowing. Having a sense of direct connection to the land on which we live, honoring our ancestors, as well as the ancestors of the place in which we reside, can bring us peace and guide us towards integrating a greater wholeness than we ever dreamed possible.


♦︎ Find your way to gazing at the night sky, to feeling the earth beneath your bare feet.

♦︎ Cultivate a deeper relationship with whatever nature exists around you, and get to know yourself in that reflection.

♦︎ Celebrate the natural cycles and find community to share that with.


We are strong when we are linked to one another and all existence. More formidable than any momentary confusions of culture, distortions of power or misuse of will.


We are remembering the power of our Presence and our interconnected intent. And we will be amazed by the Magic, Harmony and Healing we can create with that as our foundation.


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With Love and Blessings!


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