Hope, Despair and Presence

When I read about the 3rd whale in a month washing up, I cried for an hour. By the 7th one, I wept off and on all day. Now there have been 13 whales stranded in the bay area in 3 months and I need to speak.

It was 85 degrees in the arctic last week.

“Pieta” by Autumn Sky autumnskyart.com

“Pieta” by Autumn Sky autumnskyart.com

1 million species are threatened to the point of extinction.

My children are begging to see a Koala before they're all gone.

I have clients coming in speaking of vague anxiety and unnamable grief. Many don't even know what it's connected to....but their bodies do.

Their boundless psyches do.

Their energy systems do.

20 years ago I had a series of prophetic dreams, all of which are now coming to pass.

We are getting pushed to Evolve.

In light of these times.....hope and despair are both false premises.

There is only Presence, which resides in the infinite moment that is ripe with limitless potentials.

Theories of inevitable collapse abound. Only they cannot take into account the billion choices that 7.5 billion humans are making in each nanosecond, that changes the potentials for every other human on the planet in each moment moving forward from that one. Therein lies the possibility.

Basically.....our every breath matters. Therefore our outdated patterns have to be shed. Addictions....no more.

We don't know what's happening exactly, or why (politically and socially too). We don't know what's possible. And in that humility and with a depth of curiosity, we can find our way forward.

It may well be the only way we can continue to move forward.

Devoted to the mystery, dedicated to the organic unfolding of life within and around us.

Our consciousness needs to change.

Ritual and Ceremony are part of this.

Direct and Intimate relationship with all creation is part of this.

We need to shift on every level, now….

Yet the changes we need to make can't be generated or forced by our will, or mind, or upon each other. They can't come from the same level of thinking.... of distancing, of separation, of hierarchy, of objectification, of avoidance and of management that created our current circumstances. They have to arise from something purer, something wiser, something greater....

The dammed rivers, the clear cut forests, the poisoned oceans of our inner worlds must be brought into balance.

We have to shed the conditions, the lies, the false desires and identifications that cultural programming of insecurity and scarcity and greed have built in us.

We have to stop being who we think we are, stop striving for who we think we need to be, and instead step bravely into who we've always been.


Returning to our own wild nature, remembering our place in the family of things.... leads to values, choices and actions that are redeeming and can help bring our world back into balance.

So do the hard things.

Release, confront, feel, step up, speak, flow. Allow yourself grief and anger and pleasure and joy.

I know you're feeling the pull and hearing the calls, each in your own way.

The calls towards knew vistas and unexplored depths. Calls to change or move away from what's familiar.

Make those changes into the great unknown now. No matter how disconcerting. There are no guarantee's, except that the old shore is crumbling.

And.... It's more than just your single life that's impacted and at stake here.

What you're called to.... needn't make rational, logical, linear sense. Just surrender to, and follow, your own organic unfolding.


"Let the warm, soft animal of your body love what it loves" ~Mary Oliver

Because how the world goes, we go. How we go, the world goes. We belong to one another. We are part of each other. And it is time to shake off the shackles and thrive, as a coherent planetary organism together.

We are past the precipice. We are in a free fall now.

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