What is Syntara System™?

Syntara System™ is a Holistic Energy Healing system that supports the Brilliant Unfolding of the Individual as an Essential part of a Magnificent Whole.

Syntara System™ works with the energetic field layers which give rise to thoughts, feelings and forms. Many energy healing modalities, like acupuncture or Reiki, work directly with the energy of the physical, mental, and emotional bodies.

In Syntara System™, we connect to , and work with the underlying causal and karmic reasons for why things are the way they are. We work with the blueprints of being.

Once these causative layers are addressed, all other modalities, such as acupuncture, massage, cognitive therapy, or western medical intervention, can be used as tools of integration. And they become more effective than they were on their own.


  •  settle and recalibrate your nervous system
  •  decrease physical symptoms of disease
  •  begin to respond, instead of react, to life circumstances
  •  increase your ability to hold more intimacy and receptivity to love
  •  express greater authenticity, alignment, and purpose
  •  learn to value your uniqueness, which is often your greatest gift
  •  develop your awareness and the ability to be with what is
  •  fully realize you are an integral and essential part of all that is

How It Works

Instead of focusing directly on a symptom in the life, in the tissues, or in the physical form, we connect to the whole of a system and of a being, and we look for the places of strength, resilience, and resource.

We link those places of resource directly to Source, strengthening the connection that is already there, and allow the energy of Source to penetrate and permeate throughout the toroidal field.

As that energy sifts down through all the field layers, all the way into the most dense and gross aspects of being, it entrains the fields into harmony and resonance with the highest potential of the person with whom we are working.

There is a congruence and a coherency that arises throughout the entire field. As that happens, areas of depletion begin to get fortified, and there is no longer a separation between areas in our life that we feel we know and can hold in our awareness, and areas of our life that we don’t know or can’t hold with awareness.

We become more accepting of the places where we have symptoms, or go into old patterns and habitual states, and this opens the possibility for change. The splits within our psyche, the splits within our life, begin to heal.

A problem cannot be solved with the same level of consciousness that created it. ~ Einstein

The Result

We begin to have access to all of ourselves, all of our resources, and all of our awareness.

We meet whatever arises in our life in completely innovative, new ways, dancing with what comes at us in a way that feels effortless and is co-creative and generative.

Many healing systems manage the energy that is already present within the client. They make better use of the energy that is there, basically redistributing energy within a horizontal plane. With Syntara System™, we engage and connect directly to Source, and its limitless potential.

We connect to Source and allow it to step down congruently and coherently through the personal field layers. As that happens, an entirely new way of being becomes available, beyond what any of us could manipulate into existence from what is already present.

A new level of authenticity arises, because the energy from Source is perfectly and specifically calibrated to our particular being. It goes beyond what the practitioner can think is right, or best, for the client, because the energy is literally coming directly from from the person’s own connection to Self.

You are invited to experience Syntara System™ through our Personal Healing Sessions and Classes.

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